Roslyn Clarke

Director of Prospect Research Services

In Roslyn Clarke’s nearly two-decade career in the service of philanthropy and research, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and higher education experience in her time working at places like Harvard University and Brown University and with numerous clients at BWF. She is driven by the belief that too many good causes and programs do not have the necessary tools and resources to perform their best work.

In her role at BWF, Roslyn manages all outsourced research projects, leads a team of researchers, conducts trainings, and provides prospect research counsel. She has conducted countless prospect research bootcamps. Roslyn is a seasoned conference speaker and has presented for Apra, CASE, NEDRA, and AFP. She is actively involved in the Apra DEI Committee and the NEDRA D&I Committee.

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined. Toni Morrison

In her spare time, you’re most likely to find Roslyn curled up with a good book.