Sara Buesing

Senior Systems Practice Coordinator

With over nine years supporting philanthropy and institutional causes, Sara Buesing brings time management, communication, and multitasking skills as well as a wealth of knowledge to her role at BWF. She values this industry, supporting the teamwork nonprofits and organizations utilize to advance a single mission and make an impact.

As a senior systems practice coordinator at BWF, Sara provides a wide range of administrative, research, and project management support to the daily workflow of client projects for the systems and operations team. She coordinates project management and communication of the project updates with consultants and clients. She also assists in the preparation of client deliverables, including but not limited to, presentations, reports, and correspondence.

What’s next? President Jed Bartlet, “West Wing”

Sara is a member of Apra-Minnesota’s programing committee and enjoys traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, and growing an unnecessary number of house plants.