Together, We Can Achieve Transformation

As a complete fundraising consulting firm, BWF employs consultants with extensive expertise in every facet of philanthropy.

As a complete fundraising consulting firm, BWF employs consultants with extensive expertise in every facet of philanthropy.

Mission Statement

Empowering nonprofits to achieve impact and imagine new possibilities.

Brand Values


We believe that our people can be amazing, our clients can be successful, and that big problems will be solved in the nonprofit sector.


Our work is pivotal to the organizations we serve. Our clients deserve the highest standards of performance. Choices we make together have ripple effects with implications for years to come. We will be diligent in learning, comprehensive in approach, incorporate multiple perspectives, and work until it is right.


Our starting point is a belief that every voice matters. Our people and our methods bring a diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and areas of specialty … so do our clients. We are better when we work together to solve problems and chart new paths.


Our colleagues and client partners deserve our honesty, transparency, and respect. We are committed to providing the kind truth—even when it is difficult. Integrity is at the core of who we are and what we do.

Guiding Principles


BWF is a mission-driven organization that is committed to advancing nonprofit members and being generous citizens.


We are dedicated to charting new paths in collaboration with our client partners. Finding “actually” through comprehensive methodologies and analysis to deliver the BWF way.


Our firm works daily to be the best place to work and to build a culture that encompasses inclusiveness and character-first individuals.

Senior Leadership

Josh Birkholz

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner

Katrina Klaproth

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner

Mark Marshall

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Owner

Who We Are

We are your trusted partner across all philanthropic sectors, providing both consulting and services. BWF is committed to helping you build long-term capacity to achieve your goals.

As a firm, BWF continues to evolve and adapt as our organization, the workforce, the fundraising sector, and society changes. We embrace that this effort is an ongoing and dynamic process as we work to infuse a mindset of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into our culture.

Since 1983, nonprofits throughout the United States and across the globe have turned to BWF to empower philanthropy for their organizations. The impact we make today is thanks to years of growth, team building, strategic planning, service advancement, and pushing the envelope. Read our story.

Who We Serve

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What Does BWF Stand For?

In January 2020, the firm officially announced its rebranded identity as BWF from Bentz, Whaley, Flessner & Associates, Inc. This shortened brand name reflects an appreciation and respect for the firm’s founding while also representing the ambitious vision for the future. To learn more about the name change, review the news release.