Donor AI For All

BWF’s Donor AI answers an organization’s most pressing questions around identifying best prospects, campaign forecasting, and much more.


Predictive AI utilizes data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to forecast future outcomes based on historical data patterns. Doing so enables informed predictions of events or behaviors and empowers nonprofits to make data-driven decisions, strengthen donor relationships, and enhance fundraising effectiveness, maximizing impact and advancing their mission.

Donor AI, powered by IBM Watson and in partnership with industry-leading technologies, leverages our team of data scientists and their expertise in effective solution engineering to apply innovation to fundraising in the most effective manner.

Donor AI Options

The BWF Universal Method

The universal method of predictive modeling meets the universal AI needs of nonprofits with a standard model package, refreshed on a schedule. This option provides an innovative solution with actionable insight needing minimal resources. All Donor AI models are specially trained on an organization’s own data with parameters uniquely engineered and tuned for the best possible results.

Custom Solutions

Custom models are built to answer your most pressing questions and unique challenges. Work directly with our Data Science team to build models customized to your organization’s needs.

Donor AI is delivered through a trusted network of partners:

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