Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

A machine cannot function effectively if it lacks a sound internal structure. Similarly for nonprofit or foundation businesses, internal processes that are not maximized can adversely affect a fundraising organization’s ability to grow.

Are your investments and technology fully serving you?

It is important to examine whether your organization’s internal components are operating at their best, and if not, determining the best solutions to address those challenges.

Assess your current processes

Organizations that want to ensure their personnel and technology investments are utilized effectively turn to BWF for assessments to identify potential areas of challenge and opportunity. In our operational assessments, we evaluate your organization’s existing technology ecosystems, operating models, and staff structure and skills.

Optimize your functionality

Our assessments provide the recommendations to ensure you can align your program needs with both the technology required to support your objectives and the resources needed to be successful.

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  • Enterprise Data Governance
  • Business Process Analysis and Revision
  • Gift Processing Reviews
  • Advancement Services Reviews
  • Departmental Efficiency Reviews
  • Donor Relations Analysis
  • Policy Development
  • Training

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