Empowering Change: Advanced Technology Services

In the digital era, technology is a key driver of innovation and efficiency for nonprofits. BWF’s technology services are tailored to help your organization harness the power of technology, enhance your operational capabilities, and facilitate seamless engagement with your constituents.

Technology Services

At BWF, we provide comprehensive technology solutions designed specifically for the nonprofit sector. BWF’s technology services are meticulously designed to empower nonprofit organizations through advanced digital solutions. Our comprehensive suite ranges from technology integration and digital strategy development to data structure optimization and digital marketing technologies. We focus on enhancing your technological ecosystem, ensuring data is stored and managed efficiently, and maximizing your digital marketing efforts for highest impact. By aligning technology with your mission, we help you streamline operations, secure data, and engage more effectively with your constituents in the digital realm.

Our technology services include:

  • Technology Implementation and Integration: Streamlining donor management and engagement.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
  • IT Infrastructure Review: Assessing and optimizing your technology infrastructure.
  • Data Structure and Storage: Organizing and safeguarding your valuable data with efficient storage solutions.
  • Technology Ecosystem Optimization: Streamlining your entire technology stack for maximum efficiency and integration.
  • Digital Marketing Technology: Leveraging the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to amplify your outreach and impact.
  • Training and Support: Equipping your team with the skills to leverage new technologies effectively.


Client Spotlight

“Because of our long-term partnership, we have a consolidated foundation, with streamlined staff and business processes. We are now able to capitalize on grateful patient initiatives and offer donor-centric and effective best practices. We are now a well-running machine.”

Heather Perdue
Vice President, Campaigns and Philanthropy
Indiana University Health (IU Health)
Indiana University Health (IU Health)

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