Prospect Development

Prospect development can help your organization identify donors’ capacity and inclination to give at certain levels, cultivate donor relationships, gain insight into philanthropic opportunities, and connect with new individuals who care about your cause.

BWF’s fundraising experts are ready to assess your in-house capabilities and optimize your strategies to help you see results.

Our prospect development services include:

Prospect Development Program Review

We’ll audit your current prospect development program to identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen relationships, ensuring you’re positioned to take advantage of best practices and innovative prospecting technology.

Outsourced Prospect Management and Research

We combine the power of IBM Watson’s AI toolkit with our decades of prospect development and segmentation expertise to tailor your prospect management strategies to your organization’s needs and goals. Our prospect management and research services include:

  • Wealth Screening Results Verification and Implementation: Assess your prospects’ giving capabilities with trustworthy wealth screening verification.
  • Prospect Identification: We help identify your best prospects who have the capacity and drive to support your mission.
  • Portfolio Optimization: BWF helps identify the best prospects for your unique organization, helping you understand which relationships to prioritize.
  • Prospect Profile Development: Our AI solutions work with your internal database to develop profiles and models that will help you identify prospects.

Performance Metrics Analysis

Tracking prospect development metrics is vital for continued growth. We help identify the metrics that matter most to your prospect development to establish reporting processes that support your goals.

Connection Scoring

Developing a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use score based on activity and demographics can be invaluable in identifying those constituents who are most connected to your organization/mission and ready for focus and action.

Prospect Research and Management Training

We equip your team with the prospect research tools and knowledge needed to maintain a strong portfolio over time.

Relationship Management Policy Development

Clear prospect management policies ensure your team is on the same page when it comes to building relationships. Work with BWF to set policies such as how to assign prospects to gift officers and when to disqualify a prospect.

Explore our Prospect Development Insights

Prospect Development Case Study: Tufts University School of Medicine

The Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) wanted to boost alumni engagement and understand the correlation between donors and their level of connection to the university. TUSM partnered with BWF to run an Engage Dx Constituent Survey over a three-year period. This survey allowed them to access clear data to improve future decision-making.

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