Optimize Your Pipeline with Prospect Development and Research

Discover and engage your key supporters with BWF’s prospect development and research services, tailored to maximize your fundraising effectiveness, insights, and outreach.

Prospect Development and Research

BWF’s prospect development and research services are designed to identify and cultivate potential donors who are most likely to support your nonprofit’s mission. We employ a combination of advanced analytics, wealth screening, and insightful research to uncover new opportunities and deepen existing relationships. Our team expertly navigates through data, transforming it into actionable strategies that align with your fundraising goals. From identifying high-impact prospects to providing detailed profiles and giving capacity analysis, our service ensures that you focus your efforts where they matter the most.

Our prospect development and research services are comprehensive, covering every aspect necessary for a successful fundraising strategy. We focus on helping you understand your prospects’ giving capacities and interests. Our services are designed to empower your fundraising team with the knowledge and tools they need to create meaningful connections and secure significant support.

Our prospect development and research services include:

  • Prospect Identification: Utilizing advanced analytics and identification methodologies to discover potential donors aligned with your mission.
  • Wealth and Philanthropic Screening: Assessing the giving capacity of your constituency, the accuracy of wealth screening results, and the philanthropic interests of prospects to prioritize outreach.
  • Donor Profiling: Providing detailed profiles of prospects to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their interests and potential engagement.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyzing fundraising data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for strategic development.
  • Prospect Pipeline Development: Building and managing a prospect pipeline to streamline fundraising efforts.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Strategically aligning donor portfolios to maximize engagement and fundraising potential.
  • Prospect Development Assessments: Conducting thorough assessments to evaluate and enhance prospect development strategies, tactics, and outcomes.
  • Strategic Research: Conducting targeted research to support informed decision-making in fundraising strategies.
  • Prospect Research and Management Training: Equipping your team with the prospect research tools and knowledge needed to maintain strong portfolios over time.
  • Relationship Management Policy Development: Designing policies that enhance relationship-building, assignment decisions, and gift officer behaviors.


Client Spotlight

“Our work with BWF is opening new pathways for prospect development and analytics. Over time, these efforts will pave the way for more targeted investments in all areas vital to realizing our ambitious fundraising goals in service of our critical mission. I am confident that our work with BWF will enable us to extend our global reach by helping us engage donors throughout their journey in more meaningful, transformational ways.”

Kimberly Bernard Karol, CFRE, APR
Deputy Director, Development
The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy

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