Engage Your Constituents with Annual Giving and Digital Marketing

Revamp your fundraising approach with BWF’s annual giving and digital marketing services, designed to effectively connect with donors, inspire them to action, and maximize contributions.

Annual Giving and Digital Marketing

BWF combines the power of annual giving with innovative digital marketing techniques to create impactful fundraising campaigns. Our expert team ensures that your organization stays ahead in the digital realm, utilizing cutting-edge strategies for donor engagement and retention.

BWF’s annual giving and digital marketing services offer a holistic approach to fundraising. From in-depth assessments to dynamic digital strategies, we tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of your donors and the digital landscape, ensuring a robust and effective donor engagement experience.

Our annual giving and digital marketing services include:

  • Annual Giving Assessments: Evaluating annual giving programs to identify opportunities and areas for enhancement.
  • Digital Fundraising Assessments: Analyzing your digital fundraising initiatives to optimize online engagement and contributions.
  • Donor Segmentation Analysis: Employing advanced segmentation techniques to personalize donor communication and maximize fundraising impact.
  • Personas Development: Creating detailed donor personas to inform targeted and effective communication strategies.
  • Journey Mapping: Crafting donor journeys to enhance the engagement experience and foster long-term relationships.
  • Donor Acquisition and Retention Strategies: Developing innovative approaches to attract new donors and retain existing ones.
  • Social Audience Analysis: Analyzing social media audiences to tailor campaigns and content for maximum donor engagement.


Client Spotlight

“Collaborating with BWF meant that we could bounce ideas off of outside counsel that represented work and experience from some of the very best of our peers. Their expertise and confidence helped us get out of our comfort zone and think in new ways. In the end, we were able to implement new strategies based on their guidance.”

Assistant Vice President, Development
A Leading Children’s Hospital
A Leading Children’s Hospital

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