Strategic Campaign Prospecting for Maximum Impact

Revitalize your fundraising campaign with BWF’s comprehensive campaign prospecting services, designed to effectively identify and engage major, principal, and leadership donors.

Campaign Prospecting

BWF’s campaign prospecting services provide the insights and strategies necessary to identify and cultivate potential donors. Our team utilizes advanced analytics and industry best practices to identify prospects, optimize your donor portfolio, and drive campaign success. From capacity analysis to prospect profiling, we provide the tools and expertise to ensure you engage the right donors at the right time.

Our campaign prospecting services include:

  • Prospect Analysis: Evaluating donor and program potential to determine the best possible prospects for portfolios and campaign efforts.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Strategically organizing donor portfolios to maximize engagement and fundraising effectiveness to elevate gift officer production.
  • Lead Gift Strategies: Developing tailored approaches for securing major lead gifts critical to campaign success.
  • Priority Specific Predictive Modeling: Utilizing predictive analytics to identify prospects for specific campaign priorities.
  • Prospect Profiles: Creating detailed profiles of potential donors to inform engagement strategies and personalize outreach.


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