Empowering Successful Campaigns with Data-Driven Planning and Management

Discover BWF’s specialized approach to campaign planning and management, designed to drive impactful fundraising success from planning to celebration.

Campaign Planning and Management

At BWF, we understand the importance of structured, strategic campaign planning and management. Our services are tailored to navigate the complexities of fundraising campaigns, ensuring your organization’s goals are met with efficiency and effectiveness.

Our campaign planning and management services integrate advanced data analytics, market insights, and years of experience to create actionable strategies. We focus on aligning your organization’s mission with fundraising objectives, ensuring a cohesive and successful campaign that delivers on its promises to constituents and donors.

Our campaign planning and management services include:

  • Comprehensive Campaign Assessment: Evaluating your organization’s readiness and potential for a successful campaign.
  • Fundraising Strategic Planning: Crafting a tailored plan with objectives and strategies based on your unique goals, market position, and resources.
  • Campaign Planning (Feasibility Studies): Analyzing internal and external sentiment to gauge the practicality and scope of your fundraising campaign.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing data as the basis of decision-making and optimizing campaign outcomes.
  • Campaign Volunteer Engagement: Engaging key stakeholders through detailed information gathering, robust communication, and tailored training.
  • Innovative Solutions: Employing creative and effective fundraising approaches to meet campaign objectives and ensure agility in responding to changing requirements.
  • Campaign Management: Acting as campaign manager, overseeing every aspect of the campaign for seamless execution and optimal results.

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Client Spotlights

“Our collaboration with BWF meant that we were given assurance in partnering with an organization that is well-attuned to the dynamic fundraising environment. BWF’s extensive range of accessible resources and the harmonious synergy we share as partners has been key to our success.”

Cathy Lammons
Executive Director, Communication and Donor Relations
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University

“It isn’t enough for a consultant to come to campus to ‘impart knowledge.’ The consultant has to listen to the unique needs of the client and tailor counsel to address the individual challenges that are present. We have that with BWF and appreciate the value they bring to our efforts to conduct a successful capital campaign.”

Bob Pierce
Vice President for Advancement
University of Alabama
University of Alabama

“Our collaboration with BWF meant that we were able to implement Microsoft Power BI to provide dashboards and data visualization tools to help monitor progress and areas for improvement related to our organizational goals. These visualizations provide real-time access to information in a format that is easily shared and reviewed, and they have already been useful in encouraging conversations, determining strategies, and analyzing information. Our BWF partners’ expertise allowed us to significantly accelerate the timing of the implementation of our business intelligence efforts, making sure they will be impactful during this comprehensive campaign and will sustain the momentum beyond as well.”

Arian Bunde
Vice President for Strategy and Innovation
South Dakota State University Foundation
South Dakota State University Foundation

“With BWF, we had a trusted industry partner to help us better understand the strengths and opportunities of our recently completed campaign, both in how it compared to other institutions and for an unbiased assessment of our own successes. BWF took great care in getting to know Arizona State University and the ASU Foundation so they would better understand our philanthropic culture.”

Andrew Carey
Assistant Vice President Development
Arizona State University
Arizona State University

“BWF has been a great resource and voice when working with our board of directors and campaign committee, bringing an outside perspective and educating us on pitfalls we may encounter and where we are excelling compared to our peers.”

DeAnna Carlson Zink
University of North Dakota
University of North Dakota

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