Tuscaloosa, AL

The University of Alabama (UA) was ready to undertake its next comprehensive campaign. The University had experienced recent success in fundraising, marked most notably by two of the largest gifts in its history at the time, putting UA in an excellent position to join the ranks of the more than 60 public institutions that have exceeded the billion dollar mark in their campaigns. Before moving ahead, UA leaders needed to determine the feasibility of a comprehensive campaign, which would be both the largest fundraising effort in its history and the largest in the state.

It isn’t enough for a consultant to come to campus to ‘impart knowledge.’ The consultant has to listen to the unique needs of the client and tailor counsel to address the individual challenges that are present. We have that with BWF and appreciate the value they bring to our efforts to conduct a successful capital campaign.
Bob Pierce
Vice President for Advancement • University of Alabama

The organizational readiness assessment and feasibility study revealed that UA was ready to prepare and launch such a significant campaign. In addition to the feasibility study, updated projections in the spring of 2021 showed, with a high level of confidence, that UA could go public with a campaign goal even larger than previously envisioned.

The University of Alabama utilized the campaign planning service offered by BWF to prepare for their campaign launch. To learn more about this solution, click here.