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Empower your nonprofit with BWF’s program assessments and optimization services, strategically designed to enhance performance and outcomes.

Program Assessments and Optimization

BWF provides a deep dive into your organization’s programs, policies, and processes, offering advancement shops evaluations and actionable insights in fundraising, communications, operations, and more.

Through our comprehensive program assessments and optimization services, BWF offers a meticulous review of your organization’s various functional areas. Our goal is to identify strengths, uncover opportunities, and recommend enhancements that align with your mission and drive impactful results.

Our program assessments and optimization services include:

  • Organizational Reviews: Evaluating overall organizational structure and strategy to identify areas for improvement and growth.
  • Fundraising Program Reviews: Assessing fundraising strategies and activities to enhance effectiveness and donor engagement—from annual giving to principal giving to corporate and foundation relations.
  • Advancement Operation Reviews: Analyzing advancement operations to optimize processes and resource allocation, including gift processing, prospect research, business intelligence, and technology.
  • Strategic Communications Reviews: Reviewing communication strategies, tactics, and messaging to ensure alignment with organizational goals and campaign effectiveness.
  • Fundraising Data Analytics: Utilizing data analytics to inform strategic decisions and improve fundraising outcomes related to production, capacity, and performance.
  • Staff Survey: Gathering insights from staff to identify internal challenges and opportunities for development.
  • Benchmarking: Comparing organizational performance against industry standards, external nonprofits, and best practices to guide strategic improvement.

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Client Spotlights

“BWF hit it out of the park. It’s good to know a powerhouse firm like BWF can help smaller organizations.”

Carol Taylor
Co-Chair, Development Committee; Board member
International OCD Foundation
International OCD Foundation

“This effort was successful because we had a concrete, well-thought-out action plan and a clear understanding of the necessary resources to get a development office up and running.”

John Vitek
President and CEO
Springtide Research Institute
Springtide Research Institute

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