Bloomington, MN

Springtide Research Institute was a start-up organization that came out of Lasallian Educational & Research Initiatives in Minnesota. As a start-up, the organization needed a full philanthropic strategy and operational plan that would both challenge them and provide a step-by-step path toward success.

The full development assessment provided Springtide with the evidence that it could achieve its long-term goals given that leadership was in place to support such an effort and taking into account what it learned from the environmental scan and benchmarking of other types of research-based institutions nationwide.

Springtide hired a director of foundation and donor relations, allowing the president and CEO to focus his time primarily on building the annual giving base and major gifts. Well ahead of schedule, the organization secured almost $2M within a two-year period, attributing much of their success to the work with outside counsel.

This effort was successful because we had a concrete, well-thought-out action plan and a clear understanding of the necessary resources to get a development office up and running.
John Vitek
President and CEO • Springtide Research Institute

Springtide Research Institute utilized the internal readiness and strategic planning services offered by BWF. To learn more about these solutions, click here.