Internal Readiness

A key step before launching into any endeavor is understanding the current state of your organization and its resources. Addressing items such as identifying your strengths and areas of opportunity, exploring investments that promote the greatest future growth, streamlining processes for greater efficiency, and more can lay the foundation to successful fundraising.

How do you assess your organization’s internal readiness?

A development assessment is the ideal way to evaluate your current capacity and the resources available for transformational change or a major campaign.

Evaluate your current capacity and resources

The internal review will help you understand how to conduct your fundraising efforts with purpose and to optimize your resources as well as analyze philanthropic prospects and donor behavior, the environment your organization exists in, and how best to maximize your existing portfolios.

Optimize your performance and results

This partnership will guide you in understanding how to optimize your current prospects, systems, operations, and staff to create impactful fundraising outcomes. Additionally, as part of the data analysis, the results will inform decision making on prospecting, forecasting, and portfolios.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Internal Review
  • Targeted Program/Division Review
  • Philanthropic Production Analysis
  • Staff Survey

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