Tempe, Arizona

The completed Campaign ASU 2020 raised over $2.3B from nearly 360,000 donors, making ASU the only public university without a medical school to complete a $2B+ campaign.

Having completed a university-wide campaign that was successful by all measures, ASU sought to fully understand where they optimized success and where there was room for growth and enhancement. University and Foundation leadership both celebrated that the campaign laid a solid foundation for the future while recognizing that to maintain the newly obtained level of philanthropy, and even grow it to new levels, will require larger gifts and earlier, more comprehensive planning and preparation.

With BWF, we had a trusted industry partner to help us better understand the strengths and opportunities of our recently completed campaign, both in how it compared to other institutions and for an unbiased assessment of our own successes. BWF took great care in getting to know Arizona State University and the ASU Foundation so they would better understand our philanthropic culture.
Andrew Carey
Assistant Vice President Development • Arizona State University

The post-campaign assessment included conducting data analysis, leadership and volunteer interviews, staff focus groups and a survey, peer benchmarking, and communications and materials review as well as examining the philanthropic trends that impacted the campaign. The final report identified what worked well in this campaign and where opportunities exist to improve fundraising in the next one.

Campaign ASU 2020 elevated philanthropy across the university and ASU now has a more sophisticated fundraising program that is well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities.

Arizona State University utilized the campaign planning service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.