Innovative Program Implementation for Fundraising Success

Elevating your organization’s ideal approach with BWF’s program implementation services, expertly designed to enhance strategy, engagement, and communications.

Program Implementation

BWF’s program implementation services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to effectively launch and manage various programs related to annual giving, digital marketing, and communications. Our focus is on creating impactful strategies and innovative solutions for successful program delivery and increased fundraising.

BWF specializes in program implementations that offer strategic guidance and hands-on support. Our team manages the implementation alongside you, adding value and alleviating implementation requirements from your team. Our services range from program strategy development to digital engagement and crisis communication, ensuring your organization’s programs are effectively executed and resonate with your audience.

Our program implementation services include:

  • Program Strategy and Development: Crafting comprehensive strategies for the successful implementation and management of your programs.
  • Annual Giving Counsel: Providing expert advice and strategies to enhance your annual giving initiatives.
  • Mid-Level Giving Counsel: Tailoring strategies to effectively cultivate and steward mid-level donors.
  • Constituent Nurturing/Warming: Developing engagement techniques to nurture relationships with your constituents.
  • Digital Engagement Center Design: Creating state-of-the-art digital engagement centers for enhanced donor interaction.
  • Video Production: Producing compelling video content to support your program’s messaging and outreach.
  • Website Design: Designing and developing websites that align with your program goals and enhance user experience.
  • Alumni Communications: Crafting and implementing targeted communication strategies and tactics to effectively engage alumni.
  • Crisis Communications: Offering expert guidance and support to prepare crisis communications plans and manage communications during crises.


Client Spotlights

The Non-GMO Project was able to incrementally and strategically build our donations program essentially from scratch. While we had extensive contacts, our list of potential donors was outdated and inactive. BWF was a great complement to our internal, highly creative but inexperienced team. We had big ideas but lacked the expertise and the insight to operationalize them. This effort was successful because BWF understood and affirmed our creative ideas but brought pragmatic experience and project management skills to the effort.

Hans Eisenbeis
Director of Mission and Messaging
Non-GMO Project
Non-GMO Project

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