Outsourced Program Management for Annual Giving and Digital Marketing

Unlock the potential of your fundraising programs with BWF’s outsourced program management services, designed to manage and enhance your fundraising campaigns effectively.

Outsourced Program Management

BWF offers outsourced program management services to help nonprofits efficiently execute their fundraising strategies without needing to add resources to their team. Turnover can hinder your strategy; our outsourced programs provide continuity for your team and ensure you hit your benchmarks. Our team provides expertise in managing annual giving, direct marketing, and digital fundraising to ensure successful multichannel campaign execution.

BWF’s outsourced program management services are tailored to handle the complexities of modern fundraising. We focus on strategic execution and leveraging data-driven insights and industry best practices to optimize your fundraising programs for maximum impact.

Our outsourced program management services include:

  • Multichannel Campaign Execution: Providing expertise in executing campaigns across various channels, including digital and traditional mediums, to maximize donor outreach and engagement.
  • Managed Annual Giving: Offering specialized management of annual giving programs, including strategy development, donor segmentation, and execution.
  • Direct Marketing Management: Managing mail and email campaigns with a focus on segmentation, messaging, and effectiveness to drive donor response.


Client Spotlight

“BWF helped us adopt and integrate a much more comprehensive strategy in an area that is relatively new to arts organizations—the digital space.”

Dr. Natalie Chang, DMA
Director of Donor Engagement–Individual Giving
Sarasota Orchestra
Sarasota Orchestra

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