Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Orchestra’s board and executive and development teams recognized the need to invest in creating a stronger acquisitions and retention strategy. It needed guidance on reviewing, re-strategizing, and executing a successful multichannel acquisitions campaign and launching a new monthly giving program. The collaboration helped the Orchestra reimagine the entire donor journey and move confidently into the digital space.

Sarasota Orchestra has now created and implemented a new sustainer program called the Fermata Society, increased connection through a comprehensive digital campaign, streamlined the online donation experience, and improved its audience segmentation approach and results.

BWF helped us adopt and integrate a much more comprehensive strategy in an area that is relatively new to arts organizations—the digital space.
Dr. Natalie Chang, DMA
Director of Donor Engagement–Individual Giving • Sarasota Orchestra

The Orchestra was successful in adopting short- and long-term strategies that expanded its fundraising goals and greatly enhanced institutional memory.

Sarasota Orchestra utilized the annual giving service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.