Dynamic Constituency Programs

Successful fundraisers understand the importance of identifying their constituent audiences, such as grateful patients, arts patrons, athletics fans, and social followers. BWF can create a complete program for your organization, from data integration across platforms to screening and modeling, direct response to frontline base, and physician/artist/coach/VIP relations to constituent community building.

Our Services

  • Program Strategy and Development
  • Multichannel Journeys
  • Donor Acquisition and Retention Strategies
  • Grateful Patient/Patron Modeling
  • Subscribed/Ticket Buyer to Donor Modeling

Digital & Social Media Insights
Base & Mid-Level Giving Insights

Sarasota Orchestra

BWF helped us adopt and integrate a much more comprehensive strategy in an area that is relatively new to arts organizations—the digital space.

-Dr. Natalie Chang, DMA, Director of Donor Engagement–Individual Giving • Sarasota Orchestra

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