Managed Services

The Great Resignation. Turnover and temporary vacancies due to family leave. Fierce competition for employees with the right skills, experience, and know-how. Too few qualified candidates. Current staff that lacks bandwidth for more work and sometimes the skills too. All of these are reasons fundraising shops are increasingly turning to managed services.

BWF is uniquely positioned to provide the outsourced services and industry expertise you need, whether you need someone to fill leadership or division head roles or do the actual work. We’re ready to step in and get to work when you need. Our experts can step in to complete projects when your team has the skills but not the time. We can work alongside your team as a partner while you work to fill an opening. And we can help you pilot a project before you commit to hiring full-time staff. No matter what, BWF is committed to your success.

Interim Staffing

We understand the challenge of being short-staffed, both from a strategic perspective and having the hands necessary to get the work done. BWF team is accustomed to providing continuity during a time of transition to ensure your program remains on track while working in partnership with staff to ensure the goals are met and decisions are aligned with industry best practices and institutional needs.


Outsourced Analytics

When outsourcing your analytics needs to BWF, our data scientists become an extension of your team. Our annual packages include numerous bespoke analyses, modeling, strategic counsel, and more. When opting for BWF to serve as your data science team, it is often at a cost that’s significantly lower than having to hire and onboard a new employee.

Outsourced Prospect Research

BWF offers a full suite of research services including verifications, solicitation profiles, event bios, proactive identification, portfolio management, and more. And we will come on-site, video chat, or call in for all important meetings.

Database Managed Services

BWF systems experts can augment staff, temporarily fill a seat, or serve as your primary database support. Our experts provide change management, system configuration, platform optimization, and advancement services strategy while serving as an extension of your team during the crucial period of change to new software. We’ll provide flexible support hours tailored to meet your needs.

CRM Analysis

Digital Managed Services

Whether you’re looking for overall strategy or implementation, BWF can tackle lead generation, annual giving or targeted campaign management, or donor journeys.

Outsourced Communications

From brainstorming thematic and editorial ideas to providing complete content and creative development, we can collaborate with your team and provide additional expertise and capacity to create the communications you need to tell your story, motivate support, and provide tools for your fundraising team.

Digital Marketing & Fundraising

Annual Giving

We are ready to step in to serve as your annual giving director or develop the content and visuals you need to mount your campaigns.

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