Cleveland, OH

University Hospitals (UH) recognized that making an investment in developing an internal analytics program was essential to future campaign success, which was made more urgent with a new $1.5B to $2B campaign under consideration. At the time, there was a cursory and inconsistent understanding of analytics, use of resources, plans for growth, or standards in production.

An analytics strategic assessment was conducted by reviewing current state production and utilization, available skills and technology resources, demand, and sourcing—the elements deemed important to a successful analytics program. Key stakeholders were also interviewed for their insights and opinions. Ultimately, a clear and comprehensive assessment of UH’s current state was provided along with a phased, realistic plan for growth in analytics skills and resources, production, awareness, and utilization.

UH leaders used the 360° vision provided in the road map to help staff understand their role (i.e., producer, consumer, or both) in a successful analytics program and specified the milestones and commitments to growth, which has inspired UH staff in their work as the plan’s implementation continues.

Our collaboration with BWF helped us define our vision and build an analytics culture while focusing on process, sustainability, and impact.
Charlene Harner
Director, Development Services • University Hospitals

University Hospitals utilized the analytics service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.