BWF News
Minneapolis, Minn.—

Josh Birkholz, CEO of the global fundraising consultancy Bentz Whaley Flessner, Mark Marshall, President of Philanthropic Counsel, and Katrina Klaproth, COO and President of Philanthropic Services, are proud to announce the official change of the company’s name to “BWF” and a new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand.

“Our business has experienced transformational growth in 2019. After much research and listening to our trusted clients and friends, we chose to create a new brand identity and logo to better reflect who we are today and to symbolize our commitment to innovation,” said Birkholz.

The new logo pays homage to our history by retaining the lines from the previous logo. However, these lines are now turned vertically to set sights upward. A single line is lifted with the BWF red blending to a sunrise orange to represent BWF’s commitment to a new day in philanthropy—one of discovery and inspiration worthy of the missions of BWF’s clientele.

For years, the marketplace has referred casually to BWF by its initials. The founding partners will always be regarded for their passion and commitment to development. BWF wishes to continue honoring them by retaining their initials. Through extensive research in the marketplace, clients communicated a preference for using the simpler form. BWF is recognizing this preference and officially adopting the initials form as its primary identity.

BWF is a mission-driven, fundraising consulting and service organization with a team devoted to remarkable and sustainable transformation. From its work in campaign management and program development to analytics and digital strategy, the BWF community is human-centered, purpose-driven, and multidisciplinary. BWF looks forward to continuing this journey with all its clients and friends into 2020 and beyond.