Base & Mid-Level Giving

Creating successful programs for base giving and mid-level giving

Use these strategies to improve your university fundraising campaigns.

University Fundraising: 9 Tips for Better Donor Engagement

Effective university fundraising requires strategic donor engagement and teamwork. Here are 9 tips to create a stronger fundraising and marketing approach.

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Benefactor book authors

BeneFactors Preview of Chapter 8: The Leadership Factor

No longer is it enough to be the best fundraiser in the room. Leaders of the modern fundraising enterprise have the responsibility and privilege to be so much more. Through a commitment to character development, continual learning, confirming the fundamentals, innovation, and modeling excellence, the leader of a development program can bring out the best from their team and build a successful program of significance. This preview of BeneFactors showcases the depth this book offers.

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Follow these steps to build a powerful annual giving strategy.

8 Steps to Create a Powerful Annual Giving Campaign

A robust annual giving campaign is critical for creating a reliable fundraising stream. Follow these eight steps to build a powerful annual giving approach.

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A Different Take on the New MasterCard Recurring Rules

Many nonprofits are questioning why the new MasterCard rules are being applied to recurring gifts. But as we at BWF think about the next generation of annual giving, this is not the right question. This article reframes this problem into positioning recurring gift offers as an opportunity for nonprofits to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with donors—to move past the transaction and into engagement.

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Giving USA 2022

Giving USA 2022 Report Insights

BWF is excited to share the key findings from this year’s Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. Presented by the research team at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and the fundraising professionals at Giving USA Foundation, the Giving USA report is the longest-running, most extensive report on philanthropy in the United States. BWF is proud to be a member of The Giving Institute.

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Human Services/Public Society Benefit

7 Accelerators for Faith-Based Fundraising

As philanthropy grows increasingly complex and high-net-worth giving continues to change the nonprofit landscape, faith-based charities have an opportunity to grow their fundraising production in very significant and achievable ways.

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Gender and Crowdfunding Report—BWF Perspective

In the age of digitally focused cause-driven social media campaigns, crowdfunding has emerged as an established and popular giving vehicle. The published report, “Gender and Crowdfunding,” details the research and key findings gained from this study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute.

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Three Ideas to Grow Your Shrinking Donor Base

Today’s donors are savvier than ever, which can make long-term donor retention feel challenging. Use these three strategies to help your organization be well situated to expand and retain donors at all levels.

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Giving USA 2021

BWF Shares Giving USA 2021 Highlights

As one of the most comprehensive and widely referenced data reports, the Giving USA annual report is often met with equal amounts of immense anticipation and excitement for those in the philanthropic industry. BWF is excited to share the key findings from this year’s Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy.

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