Base & Mid-Level Giving

Creating successful programs for base giving and mid-level giving

Revitalizing the Donor Pipeline Through Annual Giving

Navigating the evolving philanthropic terrain is imperative for organizations to recalibrate their focus. Investing in base-level giving is not merely a tactic for immediate gains but a strategic imperative for pipeline development. BWF looked at a data set from 12 different colleges and universities to uncover trends and provide evidence to support investment in the donor pipeline. This whitepaper discusses key takeaways and recommendations for your organization.

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Understanding Generosity: A Look at What Influences Volunteering and Giving in the United States

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy’s Do Good Institute recently released a report focusing on what influences volunteering and giving in the US. The study sought to understand the relationship between “micro-level variables (characteristics of the survey respondent) and macro-level variables (characteristics of the survey respondent’s community or place)” and philanthropic behavior, specifically examining monetary donations and volunteering time. 

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Use these strategies to improve your university fundraising campaigns.

University Fundraising: Trends and Tips for Higher Ed Giving

Effective university fundraising requires strategic donor engagement and teamwork. Here are 9 tips to create a stronger fundraising and marketing approach.

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Why Digital Wallets Make Sense in Fundraising

While the philanthropy sector has been relatively slow to embrace modern payment methods such as digital wallets, the adoption of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, etc has become critically important. In this article, we explore why nonprofits should wholeheartedly embrace digital wallets with urgency to offer donors the experience they expect.

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You Might Be Undervaluing the Donor Experience in Your Fundraising Program

One of the most trending topics in fundraising in recent years is the rise of Donor Experience offices. What are charities doing to up their game for the benefit of donors? What are the factors that influence donor retention? This white paper explores the importance of these programs and provides insights for those crafting their own programs.

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Results of the 2023 BWF Healthcare Survey

Over the last 23 years, BWF has conducted research to measure the views and beliefs of affluent Americans regarding their charitable decisions and contributions to hospitals and healthcare organizations. These organizations include community hospitals, children’s hospitals, research centers, academic medical centers, and long-term care facilities. BWF developed this study as an essential tool for healthcare fundraisers.

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A Planned Giving Program for a Smaller Shop is All About Bequests

Are you ready to build or optimize your planned giving program? Planned giving programs do not need to be overly complicated but they do require intentional and consistent planning to be successful. A nonprofit can start with a simple, well-run program and then layer complexity as future needs merit. Here are 7 steps to build—and sustain—a planned giving program.

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The Return of the Everyday Donor

Is generosity really decreasing? If so, why is it happening? In reality, aspects of generosity are decreasing, but they are also shifting. This article explores the trends in donor behavior, what the research is actually saying, and how fundraisers can adapt to this shift.

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Follow these steps to build a powerful annual giving strategy.

8 Steps to Create a Powerful Annual Giving Campaign

A robust annual giving campaign is critical for creating a reliable fundraising stream. Follow these eight steps to build a powerful annual giving approach.

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