Case Study

Case Study: BWF and Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General, MGH) is constantly optimizing its fundraising team and resources so the organization can continue to do amazing things. The key questions the team asks to inform direction have evolved over time, as have their data-related needs. Today, the team takes a data-first approach in all decision making. Since 2010, their strategic counsel has been provided by BWF, who has served as Mass General’s analytics team and trusted partner.

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South Dakota State University (SDSU) Bold and Blue campaign

BWF & South Dakota State University Foundation Case Study

This partnership with BWF helped SDSU become more data driven, have clearer insights into its operations, have the ability to make strategic decisions and make them faster, and have a better way to validate its strategy, thereby saving both time and resources.

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A Trusted Partnership, Customized Solutions

The departure of the University of Central Florida’s AVP of Advancement Services led to the need for interim staffing and managed services. In addition, UCF wanted to improve its prospect discovery lists by better understanding which prospects were likeliest to accept a visit from gift officers. BWF provided embedded leadership that helped prioritize and shepherd projects and built a customized visit likelihood model to inform decision making.

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Case Study: BWF and Tufts University School of Medicine

Engage Dx is a diagnostic tool to increase engagement health and philanthropy; however, it takes time to measure and track progress. The three-year relationship between BWF and TUSM enables important repetition and frequency of building and promoting engagement around select themes while measuring through surveys every six months. This repetition helps ensure TUSM is on track and is seeing that as engagement increases, philanthropy is also increasing.

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