Ways to build capacity, lay a solid foundation for future fundraising, and drive campaign success

hree nonprofit professionals sit at a conference table to discuss their fundraising feasibility study process

How to Conduct a Fundraising Feasibility Study: 8 Steps

A fundraising feasibility study is the essential first step in capital campaign planning. Use this guide to conduct an informative study to guide your plans.

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Nonprofit professionals view charts and graphs to plan for a comprehensive campaign

Comprehensive Campaigns vs. Capital Campaigns: What to Know

What are comprehensive campaigns, and how are they different from capital campaigns? Explore key differences and pros and cons of these campaign types.

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Board Roles in Fundraising

While many hands contribute to the success of fundraising, one pivotal group often stands out—the board of directors or similar fiduciaries of the nonprofit. While most do not have a professional fundraising background or even a natural bent toward asking for gifts, all can play key roles which will have a significantly positive influence on supporting the mission and growing impact. This article dives into different ways your board can be your biggest advocates in fundraising.

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Use these strategies to improve your university fundraising campaigns.

University Fundraising: Trends and Tips for Higher Ed Giving

Effective university fundraising requires strategic donor engagement and teamwork. Here are 9 tips to create a stronger fundraising and marketing approach.

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Campaigns and Fundraising Strategy

Effective Volunteer Leaders Can Propel Campaign Success

Selecting and engaging campaign volunteers must be an intentional effort, one requiring strategy, commitment, and an understanding that the long view reaps the best rewards. Here are seven ways to get the right volunteer leaders onboard.

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Should We Still Have Campaigns?

BWF conducted a research project across the philanthropic landscape to gain contemporary views of campaigns. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, we landed on some overarching themes worthy of consideration.

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The Campaign Communications Countdown, Part 2: Prepare to Launch!

You’ve come a long way in a year as you prepare to launch your campaign. You’ve developed core messages, struck upon a powerful campaign theme, and created a graphic identity. As great as your achievements are, there is still a long way to go to launch. Now is the time to take your great concepts and turn them into products.

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Book Chapter: Strengthening the Operation

Equally important to an organization’s ability to reach increased fundraising goals is operational readiness. After all, even if an organization has an excellent relationship with a potential donor, a misspelled name in the database, a delay in processing a gift, ill-timed outreach, or multiple touchpoints to the same donor can all lead to embarrassing and potentially damaging incidents.

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The Campaign Communications Countdown, Part 1: Getting to the Launch Pad

The communications countdown to a public campaign launch includes numerous critical steps that every organization must take to be successful. There is a tried-and-true approach, and there really aren’t shortcuts or workarounds that don’t come with some compromise or risk. Like the aerospace designers, engineers, and astronauts who are making plans to go into space, the initial steps are essential in ultimately achieving a successful liftoff and splashdown.

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