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Revitalizing the Donor Pipeline Through Annual Giving

Navigating the evolving philanthropic terrain is imperative for organizations to recalibrate their focus. Investing in base-level giving is not merely a tactic for immediate gains but a strategic imperative for pipeline development. BWF looked at a data set from 12 different colleges and universities to uncover trends and provide evidence to support investment in the donor pipeline. This whitepaper discusses key takeaways and recommendations for your organization.

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Use this guide to improve your organization's digital fundraising approach.

Digital Fundraising: 10+ Revolutionary Campaign Ideas

Reach more donors online and build powerful new relationships with these digital fundraising campaign ideas, examples, and best practices for nonprofits.

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This image shows a stethoscope on a desk in front of a healthcare professional.

7 Proven Healthcare Fundraising Strategies to Revive Giving

Healthcare fundraising is essential to continue delivering a high level of care and resources to your patients and community members. In this guide, we’ll cover strategies to improve your healthcare fundraising approach, better connect with donors, and serve your community more effectively.

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Chat GPT is All the Rage. What are Fundraising Communicators to Make of It?

Generative AI is everywhere. We recently heard someone say, “AI isn’t going to replace your job, but the person who understands how to use AI will.” We’re eager to see how fundraising communicators will harness AI’s power to enhance their work. Disruption and innovation are upon us once again. How will you use it to enhance your efforts and help your organization fulfill its mission?

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Stony Brook University

The End of Alumni Participation in Rankings: Where Do We Go From Here?

After years of debate, US News & World Report finally announced the removal of alumni giving as a factor in national university rankings. This follows advocacy from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and a chorus of annual giving professionals who have long complained that the flawed metric incentivized transactional programs and caused long-term harm to higher education fundraising.

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Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

In just six weeks after the Ice Bucket Challenge began, the ALS Association saw $115 million in donations, and today, there is a new drug that shows real promise. But the success of the challenge often leaves board members and advancement leaders wondering, “How can we do this too? Is it worth trying to recreate the magic of viral success?”

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A Different Take on the New MasterCard Recurring Rules

Many nonprofits are questioning why the new MasterCard rules are being applied to recurring gifts. But as we at BWF think about the next generation of annual giving, this is not the right question. This article reframes this problem into positioning recurring gift offers as an opportunity for nonprofits to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with donors—to move past the transaction and into engagement.

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Is the Giving Tuesday Turkey Overcooked?

The “season of giving” is just around the corner, so it’s an appropriate time to discuss a question we often get from clients: Should we participate in Giving Tuesday?

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: What was Old is New Again

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) have the power to revolutionize giving to the organizations we support and may lead to new ways of thinking about equity and impact in philanthropy. BWF explains the advantages of DAOs and what nonprofit organizations can expect from this new (and old) form of giving.

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