Major & Principal Giving

Creating successful major and principal giving programs

Moving Donor Due Diligence Further Up the Fundraising Process with AI

Philanthropic organizations are paying closer attention to the background of their donors. Donor due diligence is now a fundamental part of the fundraising lifecycle. Why? Because it’s much easier to prevent a donor scandal than it is to deal with the fallout later. BWF and Xapien are working together to help you reduce risks before they become a threat to your mission.

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Building Confidence with Planned Giving

It is widely understood that planned giving can play a crucial part of any comprehensive fundraising program. However, lack of confidence often leads gift officers to avoid the topic when interacting with donors. This article explores three ideas that development leaders can use to help their staff, and even themselves, feel more at ease with planned giving concepts.

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You Might Be Undervaluing the Donor Experience in Your Fundraising Program

One of the most trending topics in fundraising in recent years is the rise of Donor Experience offices. What are charities doing to up their game for the benefit of donors? What are the factors that influence donor retention? This white paper explores the importance of these programs and provides insights for those crafting their own programs.

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Results of the 2023 BWF Healthcare Survey

Over the last 23 years, BWF has conducted research to measure the views and beliefs of affluent Americans regarding their charitable decisions and contributions to hospitals and healthcare organizations. These organizations include community hospitals, children’s hospitals, research centers, academic medical centers, and long-term care facilities. BWF developed this study as an essential tool for healthcare fundraisers.

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A Planned Giving Program for a Smaller Shop is All About Bequests

Are you ready to build or optimize your planned giving program? Planned giving programs do not need to be overly complicated but they do require intentional and consistent planning to be successful. A nonprofit can start with a simple, well-run program and then layer complexity as future needs merit. Here are 7 steps to build—and sustain—a planned giving program.

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How to Best Engage Donors in the Mission of Academic Medical Centers

In today’s healthcare landscape, academic medical centers (AMCs) play a critical role in advancing research, education, and patient care. Those who are familiar with AMCs understand the opportunities afforded to the community through these unique healthcare models. However, educating potential donors on the importance of AMCs and addressing the other challenges facing today’s academic healthcare organizations can be tricky. In this guide, we review everything you need to know to effectively engage donors in fundraising, communications, strategic planning, and relationship building to support the mission of academic medical centers.

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Giving USA 2023 Report Insights

BWF is excited to share the key findings from the 2023 Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. Presented by the research team at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and the fundraising professionals at Giving USA Foundation, the Giving USA report is the longest-running, most extensive report on philanthropy in the United States. BWF is proud to be a member of The Giving Institute.

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Benefactor book authors

BeneFactors Preview of Chapter 8: The Leadership Factor

No longer is it enough to be the best fundraiser in the room. Leaders of the modern fundraising enterprise have the responsibility and privilege to be so much more. Through a commitment to character development, continual learning, confirming the fundamentals, innovation, and modeling excellence, the leader of a development program can bring out the best from their team and build a successful program of significance. This preview of BeneFactors showcases the depth this book offers.

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Due Diligence Isn’t Just for Gift Acceptance Policies Anymore

Due diligence is not a policy or program any organization wants to implement. Who wants to turn away much needed support or gifts to an organization, much less divert additional hard-earned resources to implement a process to support it? But as fiduciaries of our donors’ resources, we must. So where do you begin?

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