Allison Gannon

Head of Revenue Operations

The fact that billions of dollars are raised annually in the US because people rally around an important mission to create action and change inspires Allison Gannon. Because she views the nonprofit sector as playing a pivotal role in society, supporting nonprofits and advancing client missions are essential to her. Knowing that her BWF teammates are making the world a better place by partnering with global organizations motivates her own work every day.

At BWF, Allison makes that work possible as she engages with current and prospective clients to identify the best solution to achieve their goals, partners with the BWF team to ensure they are successful in all their endeavors, and coordinates with industry partners to develop the best services for our clients and the sector. With innovative vision and passion, Allison leads a team focused on client experience, marketing, business development, and strategic partnerships.

Create unselfishness as the most important team attribute. Bill Russell

Allison loves to travel, design and build mosaics, drink craft beer, walk her dog, and participate in her monthly book club.