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Minneapolis, Minn.—

BWF CEO Josh Birkholz will join the CASE Industry Advisory Council (IAC) in July, beginning a three-year term of service.

The CASE Industry Advisory Council provides executive counsel and advice on opportunities for CASE to better serve and expand its relationship with Educational Partners within the advancement industry. Additionally, the IAC plays an instrumental role in identifying industry trends and positioning CASE to meet the future challenges of its partners and organizations—a role that complements Birkholz’s nearly 30-year career on the leading edge of change in the philanthropy industry.

Sue Cunningham, CASE president and CEO, exclaimed, “We are excited to have Birkholz join our Industry Advisory Council, where we will benefit from his perspective both as a well-respected fundraiser and thought leader in the education field and CEO of a successful consultancy. BWF has long been a valued CASE Educational Partner and we are grateful that Birkholz has agreed to serve CASE in this important role.”

Birkholz is excited about this new opportunity to serve an industry he cares deeply about and is proud to serve. “Philanthropy inspires me because giving is the most tangible, collective, and inspiring demonstration of what it is to be human. To enable philanthropy is among the noblest of pursuits. Serving this industry has been my life’s work, and I am honored to continue my service to an industry that inspires me every day by joining the IAC.”

An innovator in the business of philanthropy, Birkholz wrote the seminal book on fundraising analytics. His book “Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy” lays out how to turn a nonprofit’s organizational donor data into actionable knowledge. His latest book, “BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professionals Always Succeed,” explores eight factors for mastering fundraising in this innovative era of philanthropy. In addition, Birkholz has taught at Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership since 2011 and has served as chair of the Giving USA Foundation since 2022. As CEO of BWF, Birkholz continues to serve clients and inspire the company to innovate and move the industry forward.

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