Jon Emerson-Kramer

Project Associate

Philanthropy inspires Jon Emerson-Kramer because nonprofits demonstrate that change is possible and that our society has the ability to make a difference. During Jon’s time working at nonprofits, they have seen firsthand that a nonprofit’s impact can be life-changing for the people and communities that it serves. Jon is motivated to contribute to a future that is more compassionate and sustainable.

In their role as project associate at BWF, Jon provides a wide range of administrative, research, and project management support to the daily workflow of client projects within the various firm divisions. They coordinate project management and communicate project updates with consultants and clients. Jon also assists in the preparation of client deliverables such as presentations, reports, and correspondence. They find great satisfaction in using their skills to support organizations that are actively working to make the world better.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Albert Einstein

Jon’s favorite pastimes include cycling, rock climbing, cooking, reading, and traveling.