Nick Perlick

Associate Vice President

After two decades in fundraising, Nick Perlick has come to some conclusions.

First, that nonprofits exist in the enterprise of societal improvement. Their work—and moreover their incredible dedication, passion, and innovation—make our world more safe, more culturally rich, more humane, and more livable. In a nutshell, our world is simply a better place because of what nonprofits do. Second, philanthropy is about the human experience—at all levels. The generosity of donors makes the world a better place for others around them. And finally, on a more personal level, the relationships forged among staff and with volunteers and donors is what makes the journey so special.

At BWF, Nick serves nonprofits by providing advancement assessments, strategic planning, campaign planning, campaign counsel, and staff and volunteer training, all designed to ensure they are well-equipped to make a positive, and sometimes transformational, impact in their communities and on our world.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford

Besides philanthropy, Nick’s other passions are landscape design, traveling with his family, and triathlons.