Angela Altamore

Associate Vice President, Donor Relations and Experience

Angela Altamore has accumulated a wealth of expertise in donor relations and understands how to create meaningful donor experiences that breathe life into nonprofit missions and resonate in donors’ hearts. She believes there is no better feeling than seeing the joy on a donor’s face as they truly understand the impact their generosity has made on another human being.

In her role at BWF, Angela focuses on her passions for donor relations, stewardship, and donor experience and how each intertwine to drive impactful fundraising. She enjoys collaborating with peers and clients to find new and improved ways to surprise and delight donors. Angela strives to leave the world better than she found it and hopes her life’s work becomes a legacy lasting beyond her lifetime.

I've packed honesty, generosity, laughter, and bravery for the road ahead. Jon Acuff

Angela has served as a former president, treasurer, and board member for the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP). She has also been a guest instructor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where she taught a course in fundraising management.

Her favorite pastimes include reading, visiting independent bookstores, riding her motorcycle, baking, and kayaking. She also has a love of stationery and enjoys spending time picking just the right card for the right occasion or person.