Tahsin Alam

Consulting Partner

Tahsin Alam’s work in the philanthropic industry is a culmination of all his passions—promoting education, taking an analytical and business eye to sustaining education, and using the best of competition while leaving the worst of it behind. His active engagement within multiple realms of philanthropy has shown him its impact, including a student worker gaining a scholarship then landing a job on Wall Street two years later.

As a consulting partner with BWF, Tahsin focuses on talent management, leadership team restructuring, staff growth strategy, executive coaching, campaign performance analysis, and efficiency studies. Tahsin’s innovative applications have led to building the gold standard for in-house recruitment of all positions in a development office, resulting in an immense increase in diverse hires within three years. In addition to his consulting work, he serves as the associate dean of advancement at the University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business.

Things happen for a reason, when that reason is your hard work. Anonymous

In his spare time, Tahsin remains constantly in motion. He is an avid marathon runner, including the notable Ironman triathlon, and a yoga teacher.