Alex Oftelie

Senior Vice President, Decision Science

Helping clients build internal capacity to develop impactful analytics and drive program success is what motivates Alex Oftelie. At BWF, where he oversees the Decision Science practice that is focused on data science and engagement science, his work with clients involves predictive modeling, analytics training, survey design and implementation, and analytics program development.

During his 10 years in the industry, he’s seen data become the philanthropic sector’s most valuable resource, which is why he’s passionate about helping clients amplify the impact of this vital resource on their missions. Every day Alex finds inspiration in knowing that the missions of the clients he serves make our world a better place for us all.

Alex is credited for introducing behavioral science into nonprofit analytics, focusing not just on what constituents do but truly uncovering and understanding how they feel and how that sentiment drives their philanthropic behavior.

In God we trust; all others must bring data. Dr W. Edwards Deming

When not immersed in left-brain activities like algorithms, analytics, modeling, and research, Alex enjoys engaging his right brain with jazz, chess, and cooking.