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Minneapolis, Minn.—

BWF, the trailblazer of fundraising data science for nonprofits, has expanded its suite of predictive analytics and campaign insight tools through a dynamic and customizable integration with IBM Watson, the industry-leading developer of AI Solutions—bringing two pioneers together to help organizations identify their best prospects, develop smart segmentation for direct response, and provide the most informed insight to campaign and program capacity analysis and forecasting.

Watson’s comprehensive AI toolkit, which enables unprecedented intelligence, combined with BWF’s unparalleled prospect development and segmentation solutions, Engage Dx sentiment analysis, and insight analysis, enables AI specifically tailored to unique client outcomes and targets.

“The team at BWF is excited to once again empower philanthropy for our services and for the industry,” explains Josh Birkholz, CEO of BWF. “With our ongoing commitment to AI, BWF is going beyond machine learning models that show general philanthropic behavior to automated instruments catered to the specific needs of each nonprofit institution. After extensive collaboration with the thought leaders at BWF and throughout the industry, BWF drew upon its spirit and history of innovation to create even better solutions to help nonprofits advance their missions.”

BWF has long been recognized as an innovator and data-driven powerhouse in the fundraising industry. CEO Josh Birkholz wrote the seminal book on fundraising analytics in 2008, laying the foundation for using data analytics in fundraising. Today, BWF is innovating once again by helping nonprofits apply effective and practical AI to their fundraising programs.

With this new AI solution set, BWF, which builds over 100 predictive instruments a year for its clients, is once again leading the way in creating a smart application of a novel technology. Nonprofits will now be able to use up-to-date data to better determine where to focus their fundraising efforts and how best to utilize their resources by identifying the best donor prospects along with the optimal ways to engage them. With a fundraising-focused AI, organizations can more effectively prioritize portfolios, finesse personas, activate and reactivate more donors, and take the guesswork out of decision making.

BWF’s new AI-powered solutions will help organizations achieve increased ROI, providing them with greater confidence in their strategies and ultimately helping them raise more money and increase their effectiveness. Notes Birkholz, “This exciting AI solution is our firm’s latest way of fulfilling our firm’s promise to innovate to make the sector and each and every client better than they thought possible. Our clients’ needs inspired us to pursue this challenge, and rising to meet it means driving us all forward.”

The BWF team will be available to share more about this exciting announcement at CASE Drive in Chicago.

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