Shannon Cooper

Director of Operations Consulting

Shannon Cooper believes that while our world is constantly changing, philanthropy has proven time after time that people are always willing to help each other. With over 30 years spent working in the philanthropy industry, Shannon considers it a privilege to use her skillset to strengthen organizations so they in turn can enhance and empower their own communities. She has a depth of expertise in systems and operations including, but not limited to, program management and optimization, business analytics, training and implementation, and data and system development.

At BWF, Shannon helps organizations optimize their philanthropic service efforts and advance their missions through innovative technology and process improvement. Her tenacity and ability to assess and solve complex business challenges, paired with her seasoned experience, helps her effectively and thoroughly guide organizations to increased success.

The happiest people I’ve ever met, regardless of their profession, their social standing, or their economic status, are people that are fully engaged in the world around them. The most fulfilled people are the ones who get up every morning and stand for something larger than themselves. They are the people who care about others, who will extend a helping hand to someone in need, or will speak up about an injustice when they see it. Wilma Mankiller

Shannon has served on the program committee for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. When she’s not optimizing systems, she enjoys building furniture, growing plants from scrap food products, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.