Dennis Prescott

Senior Vice President

In an impressive career that spans nearly four decades, Dennis Prescott has never ceased to be inspired by both the amazing commitment that philanthropists have to the causes they believe in and the generosity that exists in the philanthropic community.

Early in his career as a fundraiser, he focused on facilitating ways for donors to achieve their philanthropic goals while elevating the organizations where he worked. As a consultant, he strives to help client organizations achieve their philanthropic goals in ways that are cutting-edge, efficient, and impactful.

At BWF, Dennis is responsible for advancement assessments, campaign planning, board and staff training, and strategic planning counsel. He is a member of the management team and supervises the firm’s team of executive partners. He has worked on multiple campaign feasibility studies and advancement assessments, post-campaign reviews, and volunteer and staff trainings as well as provided many clients with strategic planning counsel.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Theodore Roosevelt

Hiking, especially in our country’s national parks, and travel in the US and internationally are some of Dennis’ favorite pastimes. He’s also an avid follower of most major college and professional sports, national politics, and current events.