Annie Harm

Vice President, Consultant and Operational Resources

Annie Harm implements her fervent, results-driven work ethic into her expertise in training, recruitment, and operations management. Throughout her career in philanthropy, she has tirelessly serviced organizations by providing counsel and project management in roles that are both client-facing and internal.

At the firm, Annie is responsible for managing BWF’s project management office and team, coordinating firm methodology, resources and consultant support programs, and working on select client engagements. Annie is motivated by passionate staff and donors combining their efforts to advance a cause. Through managing her team, she witnesses firsthand the impact institutions and their missions have on their communities across the world.

Life is for participating, not for spectating. Kathrine Switzer

Annie is an avid runner and traveler, often finding her way to sample the newest breweries and restaurants. If she is not spending time outdoors in her free time, you’ll find her reading a good book.