Karen Cochran

Consulting Partner

As a seasoned fundraising strategist, Karen Cochran believes that the very best philanthropy connects people with their passions and empowers organizations to transform lives. While she didn’t grow up expecting to be a fundraiser, she was quickly hooked by the art of building relationships and philanthropy’s power to drive solutions for many of our global challenges.

As a consulting partner with BWF, Karen, who is the founder of Philanthropy Innovators, provides high-level strategies and solutions to help fundraising teams get the most from their processes, people, and ability to excel in an ever-changing philanthropic world. Her specialties include program optimization and strategy, training, mentoring, and leadership development for teams of all sizes and backgrounds. She has led many talented, successful teams—always with a focus on reimagining the ways in which they can have the greatest impact.

If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair. Shirley Chisholm

Karen is passionate about coaching, team building, and creating workplace cultures that encourage every individual to be their very best in service to their organization’s mission. She is an avid mindfulness and holistic health practitioner, as well as a mom, wife, rescue dog mom, and champion of women and children everywhere.