Amy Lampi

Associate Vice President

Connecting people with their passions is what Amy Lampi finds especially inspiring, and she knows that nonprofits provide just that incredible opportunity for those who embrace an organization’s mission and are inspired to be philanthropic. Bringing those components together is magical.

Amy brings two decades as a frontline fundraiser and advancement services professional to her work at BWF. Her areas of focus at the firm are data-driven fundraising for arts and culture, system implementations for Slate, and comprehensive internal assessments. For clients, her projects have included conducting campaign feasibility studies, providing multichannel annual giving counsel, conducting advancement services assessments, offering prospect development optimization and counsel, and providing analytics strategic implementation.

As someone who has long utilized fundraising science to inform decision making and strategies, Amy thrives on continuing to expand her knowledge and sharing innovative fundraising practices to advance the industry, especially through her new book BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professional Always Succeed.

To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Watching musicals, singing, and attending church with her family are the other passions in Amy’s life.