Jay Wilson

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications

James (Jay) Wilson believes that at the heart of everything in communications is storytelling and that great communications programs tell the story of an organization in a manner so compelling that audience behavior changes. That opportunity to be a part of creating real and significant change for an organization is something he’s passionate about doing.

In his 25-year-career, Jay has worked with primarily nonprofits and higher education institutions dedicated to making a difference in their communities. For nonprofits, he sees communications as both a gateway to new giving partners and as stewardship for those who have already made a gift. As head of BWF’s strategic communication division, Jay is focused on helping clients achieve their communications objectives.

Jay has served as a board member for two separate Habitat for Humanity affiliates, assisting both with communications and marketing, and he is currently vice president, finance, for the Florida Public Relations Association. He previously served on numerous local boards and committees for CASE, FPRA, and the Southern Public Relations Federation.

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. Mark Twain

He’s a devoted dad, which means he has spent a fair share of evenings and weekends over the years at band concerts, dance recitals, and high school musical productions. In his free time, Jay is an avid sports fan (Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, University of Georgia football). The Floridian also loves boats, beaches, and Key West.