Jason Briggs

Consulting Partner

In just over a decade, Jason Briggs has gained uniquely varied experience in the nonprofit sector ranging across higher education, national and local charities, healthcare, and religious organizations. Known for his free-thinking approach to advancement, he was awarded both the Insight in Fundraising Award 2016 for his work on international philanthropy as well as the CASE Europe Iain More Award 2017 “for emerging development professional.”

In his consulting role at BWF, Jason provides knowledge provision, fundraising intelligence, and analytics and is the co-founder of PyroTalks, a community interest company that provides accessible specialist knowledge to the nonprofit sector. He draws inspiration from philanthropy’s ability to evolve and address every issue facing humanity.

To cover all the earth with sheets of leather Where could such amounts of skin be found? But with the  leather soles of just my shoes It is as though I cover all the earth? Shantideva

Jason is a strong advocate for Tibetan culture and actively supports the cause. He is a founding trustee for Land of Joy, which raised £1.2m to establish a Tibetan Retreat Centre, and he serves as chair of the Development Panel for International Temple Project. Additionally, he serves as a trustee for the Foundation for Developing Compassion & Wisdom.