Bond Lammey

Executive Partner

For Bond Lammey, the nonprofit sector is vital to society and provides an essential safety net for individuals and causes not covered by the business or public sectors.

Her nearly 20-year career means she’s an experienced consultant. At BWF, she focuses on building major and principal gift programs, including developing strategies to convert base and mid-level donors to major and transformational donors, and designing programs in support of an expanded relational fundraising business model. Bond’s client projects have included portfolio optimization, ultra-high-net worth cultivation strategies, relationship management program design and implementation, fundraising playbook development and training, and prospect development program assessments and design.

The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts. C.S. Lewis

In her free time, Bond can be found singing in her church choir or in a virtual weekly karaoke group, camping, kayaking, or perfecting her homemade liqueurs and simple syrups. She’s also a Star Trek devotee, as evidenced in part by naming her cats Data and Lore.