Betsy Rigby

Associate Vice President

The way Betsy Rigby sees it, fundraisers have the honor and the privilege of bringing together the people who are working to save the world with those who have the capacity and the inclination to make it happen.

In her work at BWF, Betsy helps nonprofits, both national and local, make that a reality. With particular expertise in campaign counsel, development planning, and talent management, she works with clients on projects ranging from campaign feasibility studies to strategic planning for development to comprehensive talent management program planning.

Betsy has witnessed firsthand that most impactful of moments when a donor looked her in the eye and exclaimed, “Thank you for this opportunity,” as they confirmed making a major gift. Three decades serving the philanthropy field have shown her that every donor, every gift, and every grant helps make the world a better place.

The best we can do is do what we love as best we can. W.S. Merwin

Outside of her professional work, Betsy enjoys biking, reading, and being an engaged citizen by serving her community.