Kari Myrland

Consulting Partner

Kari Myrland spent most of her 30-year career in corporate leadership roles in IT and marketing communications, but eventually she found her way into the philanthropy field. The field inspires her because of the impact philanthropic work makes every day in the world as individuals and organizations work tirelessly to support and promote the causes they care about so deeply. Realizing that the skills she had honed over the years were valuable and that she could contribute to the success of the industry turned out to be gratifying work.

At BWF, Kari is a consulting partner focused on organizational leadership and digital transformation. The experienced advancement and IT leader brings a wealth of experience leading cross-functional teams, spearheading transformational initiatives for both corporate and higher education organizations, and advising for Salesforce.

As long as you live, keep learning to live. Seneca

Outside of professional work, Kari volunteers in community health efforts and mentors entrepreneurs. She enjoys traveling to explore remote places on a bike or on foot, and she loves sports like running, biking, swimming, skiing, kayaking, and hiking that get her out into the natural world.