Iman Elsawaf

Accounting/Human Resources Specialist

As a committed, goal-driven professional, Iman Elsawaf possesses an exceptional foundation of integrity, employee advocacy, and drive in her work to promote an energetic company culture. She has dedicated her career to actively listening to employees’ needs and supporting managers and leadership to empower change through trust and effective communication. While new to the philanthropy industry, she understands that the industry has a strong reliance on the power of individuals and feels nonprofits truly strengthen the fabric of society.

As an accounting/human resources specialist at BWF, Iman’s responsibilities focus on supporting key areas: day-to-day financials and business operations, talent management, workplace culture, company benefits, and more. Iman thrives on team collaboration and is driven by her passion for employee success.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Michael Jordan

Iman’s favorite pastimes include hiking, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and baking. She also enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.