Amalie Steidley

Business Analyst

Passionate, diligent, and thoughtful, Amalie Steidley is driven to create impact for her community and to help make it stronger and more whole. She sees nonprofits born when there is a gap between what is needed and what currently exists and feels philanthropy is an embodiment of investment and care that extends beyond self-interest. Additionally, philanthropy, and the work of nonprofits, represent the best impulses of humanity—to care for others and to use our shared resources to create a better world.

As a business process analyst at BWF, Amalie is responsible for driving efficiency and quality in business processes and works with internal teams on key process improvement initiatives that will contribute to the company’s overall strategic plan. She collaborates with senior leadership to prioritize projects, manage cross-functional teams, and implement key business measures while serving as a subject matter expert and providing education and training on process management practices.

Start with what’s real. Anonymous

When she’s not optimizing processes, Amalie’s favorite pastimes include exploring her love of art, gardening, hiking, and cooking.