Richard Naum

Consulting Partner

Richard Naum believes the ideal way to build a long-lasting, enriching career is to match ideals and beliefs with your profession. Throughout his time in the fundraising industry, Richard has always found working for mission-driven institutions and organizations to be incredibly rewarding. Not only does it fulfill his personal desires, but it also advances missions that are in pursuit of bettering society and humankind.

With over four decades of experience in philanthropy, mostly spent serving in leadership roles in both higher education and healthcare institutions, Richard has gained knowledge and familiarity with all facets of philanthropy—from campaigns to strategy and organizational management. As a consulting partner at BWF, he brings a wealth of expertise in these areas and beyond to help clients achieve success.

No institution raises as much money as it can—rather, as much as the politics of our respective institutions allow us. Terry Holcomb

When he’s not consulting, Richard enjoys staying active through traveling, golfing, swimming, skiing, and playing sports. He also likes theater concerts, music, and reading about history.