Grateful patient and family programs are an increasingly important component of healthcare philanthropy. However, there are still many questions and concerns about how to effectively develop and implement one of these programs. In order to achieve sustainability, your organization must meet and overcome the common challenges to the development and implementation of grateful patient programs.

Common Challenges to Grateful Patient Programs

While each fundraising program is different, and each nonprofit faces its own unique challenges, some obstacles are consistent when focusing on grateful patient programs.

Building a Strategy for Overcoming Challenges

Although there are many valid and important challenges to work through, the potential impact of a strong grateful patient or family program can help broaden the donor base and engage new major gift prospects.  

  • The patient experience can be leveraged into opportunities for crucial relationship-building.
  • Data-driven prospect identification efforts and referrals should result in carefully targeted follow up and outreach.
  • Partnerships across the institution can build confidence in development programs to access appropriate data and maximize care provider relationships for success.
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