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BWF is a recognized and respected thought leader in the philanthropic sector. We are constantly assessing the fundraising landscape and providing timely guidance and insights.

Case Study: BWF and Tufts University School of Medicine

Engage Dx is a diagnostic tool to increase engagement health and philanthropy; however, it takes time to measure and track progress. The three-year relationship between BWF and TUSM enables important repetition and frequency of building and promoting engagement around select themes while measuring through surveys every six months. This repetition helps ensure TUSM is on track and is seeing that as engagement increases, philanthropy is also increasing.

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Are Your Fundraising Email Open Rates About to be Artificially Inflated?

The recent changes in Apple’s iOS 15 software update is changing the way we measure email success and digital strategy. These changes may affect your analytics, but they don’t change what makes for a good fundraising email program.

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multi factor authentication

Why You Should Care About Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and why is it so important? BWF shares insights into how best to navigate and prioritize MFA as data security becomes more complex.

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Due Diligence Survey Results– UK & Europe

Primarily, this report highlighted that there is both work to be done in due diligence and opportunity for growth and discourse. Monetary, time, and process investment in due diligence will be
pivotal to success. We look forward to continuing to measure and discuss these key items.

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Business Intelligence dashboard

Closing the Perspective Gap with Business Intelligence

While business intelligence commonly and effectively highlights performance, advanced solutions will show leaders how to navigate the path ahead. The question then becomes, “How do senior fundraising leaders build and manage technology operations?”

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Gender and Crowdfunding Report—BWF Perspective

In the age of digitally focused cause-driven social media campaigns, crowdfunding has emerged as an established and popular giving vehicle. The published report, “Gender and Crowdfunding,” details the research and key findings gained from this study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute.

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Report Review: “Everyday Donors of Color: Diverse Philanthropy During Times of Change”

Across all surveyed, donors of color tend to focus their giving on four principal types of organizations: religious, educational, civil rights and arts, and financial wellness.

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Post-Salesforce Implementation Services

Are you investing in a new fundraising CRM? BWF offers post-Salesforce implementation services designed to help clients employ enhanced business process strategies and detailed change management to make data-driven decisions that result in more successful fundraising campaigns.

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Three Ideas to Grow Your Shrinking Donor Base

Today’s donors are savvier than ever, which can make long-term donor retention feel challenging. Use these three strategies to help your organization be well situated to expand and retain donors at all levels.

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